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Plantation Ministry focusing on expanding local downstream oleochemicals industry, says Zuraida

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 11): The Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities is focusing its efforts on expanding the local downstream oleochemicals industry, especially on setting up oleochemicals factories to process crude palm oil (CPO) into non-food products like cosmetics and detergents.

Minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin said palm oil is a very versatile commodity, as it could be processed into both food and non-food products.

“In planting oil palm trees, the target is zero waste,” she said during the Dewan Negara’s question-and-answer session on Thursday (Aug 11).

She also said that at the moment, the existing 65 refineries in the country are enough to process CPO produced locally.

“Currently, these refineries are mostly managed by major estate management companies, such as Sime Darby.

“So, the price and production of cooking oil are still not affected," she added.

Zuraida said this in response to Senator Datuk Mohd Ridhwan Mohd Ali's supplementary question on the need to increase the number of cooking oil refineries owned by government-linked companies or Bumiputeras to balance the price of cooking oil in the market.



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